Don't envy the magpie bridge fairy, the flowers on earth are more Yan; today's Mu Qixi rain, love you more heart strong! Don't lean on the fence alone, thousands of miles of rivers and mountains. It's easy to see when you are not. You miss me? Niulang wants to invite Zhinv to dinner. I wonder if Zhinv is free? Heaven and earth, year after year, tonight reunion, only wish forever. For your kind of special, just want to tell you, this life is the same! Don't let my dream wake up too early, if and promise become not important, what else in the world is worth me to find! Love me all my life, OK? I am the beautiful meteor beside the magpie bridge, just to have your one true love response, I am infatuated with you Unwilling to leave for a long time.. The birds and the fish are in love. But they live in two worlds. So the birds flew sadly to another sea area, and the fish swam to the deepest part of the sea. If everything can come back, I'd rather you were my harbor. If the time can flow back, you are the only one in my life. If the day is sentimental, if the dream is spiritual, let my love be thorough, my love for you can't be explained, just like the wind is blowing, the rain is beating, this love will never change. Beside the magpie bridge, you and I are speechless, warm and harmonious in the sky, and love forever. It's easy to miss someone! It's hard to fall in love with someone! It is more difficult to fall in love with a person who misses! God give me a chance, I must take it! Ten years ago, I wanted to write to me; seven years ago, I wanted to call me; three years ago, I wanted to call me on my cell phone; two years ago, I wanted to remember to send an email to me; now, send me a short message. The left hand is engraved with me and the right hand is engraved with you, full of love. When our palms are facing each other and our hearts are close, all people will see - before I love you, I didn't know there were you in the world.